Grey Lynn Community Church


It is truly a two way conversation and connection with God. Prayer helps connect to God and helps God connect with us.

At GLCC we have the opportunities to pray together as a church:
- Every second Wednesday from 7pm to 8pm
- The first Saturday of every month from 6am to 7am

- 3.45LIVE daily - Our absolutely quality time on the spot with God.Nothing much other than just to say '' Thank you Jesus for another awesome day". And you are so invited to join us. Set your alarm to 3.45pm daily.

We strongly encourage you to email us your prayer request and a confidential and dedicated team will pray for your situation. You can also phone our office or talk to our administration team(Ph 09 376 3549) as well.


We want to support and encourage you through life’s struggles and to help process life issues. We have a team lead by our Senior Pastor F N Auvaa who is ready to walk with you through these times. For more information please contact our administration office.

Also if you feel that God is calling you to be a servant through this journey, please contact our church office as we love to have you on board.

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